Life hacks for managing your own website

Written by on Friday, 22 June 2018 13:42

Resize an entire folder of images at once

Work smarter, not harder. These tools let you quickly and effortlessly resize a folder of images so they are ready to be uploaded to your website.

For PC Users: Picture Resizer (Free)
For Mac Users: Image Resizer (Free)

Converting Almost Any Doc to PDF

When uploading documents to a website, it's always the safest bet to use a PDF instead of a Doc or Pages format. Using a PDF guarantees that your users will be able to access your file. You can always use Save As or Print as PDF to convert the file to a PDF, but lets say you don't have the right software or you have several documents to convert. is an online tool that will convert your files and email them to you when they are complete.

Write Content Locally, not on the website’s editor.

There's a couple of reasons why this is the best idea. Your text editor probably has an autosave feature and your website does not. You also don't want to accidentally publish something that is a work in progress.

Just make sure that when you paste the text into the website editor, you click the “Remove Formatting” button so there’s not weird jumbled html being pasted into your website.

Where can I find additional guides to help me manage my site?

We offer a training session to all of our clients so they can manage their own websites if they prefer, but sometimes people ask for additional resources so they can dig even deeper.


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