Your Website is a Paperweight

Written by Mike on Wednesday, 30 August 2017 06:27

As the owner of a boutique marketing agency in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., I have conversations daily about what people should be doing and not doing in regards to social media and their website. I don’t claim to be Gary V. or Seth Godin (or even Downtown Mr. Brown, for that matter), but I know what we do works and our clients get more business from it. Speaking of clients, one of ours recently remarked how they already hit their yearly goals — at the end of June. Sounds pretty good, right? And whenever I hear a trend in our conversations with people, I tend to go on a little rant about it.

I hope you don’t mind.

Lately, I had way too many conversations in which someone’s main marketing strategy is to focus all their budget on their website. However, your website is only a fraction of marketing. During a phone conversation last week, I was told (verbatim, mind you) “Mike, we don’t need to worry about social media” — sometimes labeled as The Facebook. “Our focus is our website and so we are spending 98 percent of our budget on our website.”

Sweet strategy, bro.

The good news is you are probably going to have a sweet looking site! The bad news is — unfortunately — virtually no one will see it.

Your website — on its own — is a paperweight. It has no real function other than to occupy space. Don’t get me wrong: we do build websites and we are happy to build you one if you like. However, if you have no real strategy to send people to it, you are losing out.

Sending people to your website is not just about SEO or SEM, and it’s not just about social media or email campaigns. It is about having both active and passive activities that put your brand in front of your target market and subsequently using these opportunities to send them back to your website.

In all likelihood, you are going to exit this blog with more questions than answers, but that’s the point, right? I am trying to let you know that yes, your website is very important so don’t waste that amazing site without proper and effective strategies to send people to it.

And for your consideration, here’s a heads up if you’re thinking of bringing in a younger perspective: Just because someone is 18 to 24 years old and on both Facebook and SnapChat does not mean they are qualified to come up with a great strategy for driving web traffic.

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